Tips for Moving When You Have Little Ones

Moving day causes a lot of mixed emotions and it is a very busy day. If there are little ones in the family no doubt they will be out of sorts over the move. It is a big change for them. With all the hustle and bustle that will be going on in the home the kids may be a little bit difficult to handle. There are a few things you can do to lift the stress from them and you.

Give them some small tasks

Their age will dictate as to how much responsibility you can give them, but there should be some small tasks that they can take on. Even just holding the door open for when small items are being moved in and out will make them feel important. Also, you may want to put them in charge of guarding the essential bags so no one mistakenly puts them on the moving truck.

Hire a sitter

You may want to check if there is a local teen in the area that wouldn’t mind earning a few extra dollars. This young person can keep your little ones occupied and out of harm’s way while the move is going on.

A Day or Two Away

If you have a family member that has offered to help with the move perhaps the best help they could give you would be take the kids for a day or two. Ideally taking them for the day of the move and perhaps the next day after the move would be a wonderful solution as to what to do with the little ones.

Go to the New Residence

If possible the kids may be better off at the new residence with one of the adults. This way they can take some of their toys with them and occupy themselves while the move is going on.

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