Moving in the Movies and Getting Closer To Casinos

Moving is something that most people have done at least once in their lifetime. So when they see movies where a move is part of the plot than most can relate to this. Most often the moves that are depicted in these films have some real twists to them.

Cheaper By the Dozen

Can you imagine having twelve kids and having to relocate? If you want to know what this could possibly like they you have to see the movie with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt in Cheaper By the Dozen. One of the things that a lot of people in this situation would do is look for some good get away opportunities once in a while. A great option would be to seek out one of the local casinos that would provide a change of scenery and perhaps a good chance of pocketing some winnings to help with a brood of this size.

Funny Farm

Some people think that city living is just too hectic and they opt for some country living. Chevy Chase was one that thought this way when he played his character role in Funny Farm. The lesson to be learned from this is make sure that the mover you are going to rely on is one that can be trusted.


An epic movie that really sums up what can go wrong with a move is Moving with Richard Pryor. His relocation to Idaho was not one that anyone would envy. Use what you learn from this movie to make sure that your move doesn’t turn into a disaster.

After your big move you deserve a change of pace. It may be time for some entertainment and what you may want to do is check out the casinos in your new area. This is a great way to enjoy something different and help you forget about the stress of your recent move.

With technology booming the way it is, you don’t even have to leave the house, chill out after that move with nothing but your phone and online casinos such as and to name a few!

Moving can always seem like a bit of a gamble but it is really just the beginning of your new adventure.

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